Nintendo’s selling the Wii Mini bundled with Mario Kart Wii and I just can’t help but find it ironic that they’re bundling the Wii’s second most popular online game (behind Brawl) with a spinoff of the Wii that doesn’t have online connectivity.

I guess it really is marketed for those “Can’t afford it” types. Although, nowadays, a new Wii doesn’t really cost that much compared to a Wii Mini ($30 price difference).

Ninty, I like you, but you can make some odd business decisions.

Taking Kill la Kill seriously is like trying to pan for gold in a pile that has nothing but dirt (which is secretly gold, since Imaishi has a thing for symbolism in his animes).

I mean, Gurren Lagann was a show where the main characters 1-upped themselves on the power scale every single episode to the point where, in the finall battle, they’re throwing galaxies at the enemy.

Panty and Stocking was a show in which 90% of the series consisted of dirty jokes.

And don’t even get me started on Dead Leaves.
I would mention the scene where they break out of their cell, but I’d rather not spoil it.

I don’t get the buzz over why a lot of games should be nonlinear.

I get that it gives people different ways to play the game, but it’s not like the word “linear” has suddenly become a curse word in gaming. I prefer linearity since at least it gives me a clear-cut objective.

Open-world? Plot decision points? No thanks, just send me in the direction you want me to go, and I’ll do the rest.